5 Personalised Gifts for Men
Who Have Everything

Men can be notoriously hard to buy for and with birthdays, anniversaries and so many other celebrations throughout the year it can be a real struggle to find the perfect gift for each occasion.

Then add to that a man who says he doesn’t want anything, and it can leave you really stumped for gift ideas.

Below you can find our unique list of 5 gift ideas that will not only add value to a mans every day – but in addition they are all customisable so you can really add a personal touch to your gift giving. 

1. Bracelets - for men who like accessories

personalised leather bracelets
personalised bracelets

Not all men like to wear them but for those that do, a bracelet can be a great addition to any outfit.  Whether it’s wearing a bracelet by itself, paired with watch, or even layering multiple bracelets together.

You can also make it extra special by adding a message or including their initials into the piece and giving it that sentimental meaning. 

Shop Personalised Leather Bracelets:-

Double Wrapped Bracelet

Single Wrapped Bracelet

2. Keyring - for men with responsibilities

The humble key chain is often overlooked as a gift but how often do we use our keys? What’s more a keyring not only makes them look more appealing to the eye, but also makes our keys stand out so it is easy to locate them.

The keyring is probably the first thing we reach for when looking for our keys on a daily basis so why not give your loved one an opportunity to have his keys always standout and remember you all at the same time.

Shop Personalised Leather Keyrings:-

i love you more keyring

I Love You More Keyring

personalised initials key ring

Initials Keyring

personalised daddy's leather keyring

Daddy's Keyring

3. Bookmark - for men who love to read

If he's an avid reader - say no more to folded page corners or scraps of paper falling out of books.

Instead invest in a customised bookmark that sends a message and saves his place all at the same time.

Pair with a set of coasters to go with his drink. And 'Drink, Read and Repeat'.  

Shop Personalised Bookmark or Coasters:-

Bookmark with tag

Square Coasters (Set of 2)

4. Desk Accessories - for men who like to be organised 

The state of your workspace says more about you than you might think.

So why not help your loved one elevate the look and feel of his workplace with a leather Mouse Pad and cool accessories such as cord organisers and/or coasters

His day will be much brighter surrounded by your special words or memories and it’ll certainly add a layer of professional and organisation to his desk 

Shop the looks:-

custom leather mouse pad

Mouse Pad

custom cable organisers

Cable Organisers (Set of 3)

personalised cord organiser

Cord Organiser

5. Cufflinks - for men who suit up  

Cufflinks can be used to add style to an outfit or bridge the gap between casual and formal.

Compliment with a full grain leather belt and help your man feel extra stylish when stepping out for work or a social occasion 

Shop the looks:-

custom leather cufflinks

Cufflinks (1 initial)

personalised cufflinks

Cufflinks (2 initials)

full grain leather belt

Dark Brown Belt

That's it! I hope you now have a few new ideas when buying for your special guy.
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